Woodgate & Clark subsidiary company Quadra Claims talk about sustainability in loss adjusting and their recent ISO14001 accreditation

Posted on 19 July 2022

A commitment to improving environmental performance is a cornerstone of 21st century working and it is no longer enough to simply state your goals.

At Quadra, we have spent the last 9 months assessing the environmental impact of our loss adjusting activities and building repair network.

The result?

Quadra Claims is now the proud holder of the coveted international standard for Environmental Management, ISO 14001.  This is a governance standard which demonstrates how we are improving our sustainability systems through more efficient use of resources and by reducing our environmental footprint.

It’s a self-regulated system, which allows Quadra to set short- and long-term obligations and commitments.  We can adapt our goals as we identify new risks or new priorities, and that means our customers and clients can be sure that Quadra is always at the forefront of environmental management.

The accreditation process has been deliberately rigorous, and began months ago, with the compilation of a risk register, which in turn helped us identify a first set of environmental objectives.  Our proposals were also examined and scrutinised by an external assessor to ensure they came up to standard.

Initially, we’re reducing the number of miles our vehicles travel by using our contractors more efficiently; ensuring our vehicle fleet is greener by encouraging use of hybrid vehicles and replacing older vehicles; reviewing our waste disposal practices by making greater use of Environment Agency approved organisations; and we’re improving environmental awareness amongst our staff through better training.

Collectively these goals stand as a testament of our commitment to doing the best for our customers and the environment.  They demonstrate how Quadra is continuing to provide the functionality and flexibility for which we have become renowned.

For Quadra, this is just the first step of a much longer journey.  As the risks change, so will our sustainability objectives.  But what won’t change is our expertise in dealing with our clients’ claims and our dedication to the job.

If you would like to discuss how ISO 14001 makes us a better partner, get in touch with Simon Jones, Director at Quadra Claims, on 07808 315359