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Through Quadra Claims Services, we offer bespoke environmental claims management services.

Whilst comparatively small in number we recognise that environmental losses can be devastating to our client's customers and disproportionately costly. In view of this and the complex nature of these claims, we have developed a bespoke service dedicated to their management which reduces timescales and controls indemnity spend.

We provide both first and third-party environmental claims services and have partnered with like-minded specialist consulting firms operating in the environmental market to offer complete transparency and confidence to our clients.

Find out more here: Quadra Claims Services – Environmental.


Steve Willis, Loss Adjuster


Steve’s loss adjusting career started in 1990. He has gained experience of both commercial and home major loss as well as regional management. Steve was recruited by Quadra in 2011 where he developed the environmental claims service and continues to manage a portfolio of major loss cases.